Chromebook Collection

As we prepare for the end of the semester and collection of chromebooks.  Please make sure that your have and have done the following prior to check in date:
  • IDs on the Bag and on Chromebook
  • We will not assess the damage without student ID’s.  Take care of this prior to check-in
  • Bag along with strap are ready to turn in
  • This means nothing in the bag but chromebook, charger, IDs and strap
  • Chromebook is in good shape
  • No stickers, notes or anything on chromebook, but student ID
  • Charger is in the bag
  • Not at home, in locker or another location
  • Bag is clean
  • No writing on bag or colored in lettering, card window, etc.
  • If defaced or altered you will be charged for the damages
  • If you think you can clean it do this prior to turn in date - no exceptions

We will be checking the chromebook as you hand it in and will be assessing damages that day.  Seniors will not graduate if you have fees. Underclassman will not receive grade cards or schedules for next year if you have fees.  

The fees are located on the Help Desk page on